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Deze pagina bevat diverse persoonlijke gedichten die ik, Paul van Kessel, geschreven heb (of beter: tot mij gekomen zijn) tijdens inspirerende momenten in mijn leven, de natuur en yogabeoefening.

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The Magic of the Sunrise

The magic of the sunrise

Brings the awareness

Into this day

That in that ever-moving stream

Between light and shadow

It is always there

The oneness

The wonderful beauty

Of this moment




There is a silence in wandering
Through an old city
That I came to love
So dearly
With its narrow streets
Directing the gaze towards heaven
Large squares, small courtyards
That connect to inner spaces
Royal palaces
Telling royalty dwells in the heart of men
A mosque-cathedral, a synagogue
That opens the inner eye of devotion
Bridges, Roman and contemporary
Crossing the river of emotional fluidity
Monuments for Archangel Raphael
That honour the healing power in this Universe
Countless fruit-bearing orange trees
Showing the abundance of Mother Earth
Bathing under a Mediterranean sun
That gives light unconditionally to all
The noise of the conditioned mind
Ceased by its own surrender
Though not its nature
Astonishingly, with ease
Like the out-breath follows the in-breath

With no effort
When wandering in beauty
In an unknown environment
With a crystalline angelic light
That healed this city of the mind
Once again




Sending an old Vedic prayer
To that Power that Protects and Upholds
From the deserted beach
Into the Four Directions
A buzzard appeared
Circled above
And spread Acceptance
Loving-Kindness and Compassion
Into the Atmosphere
To be inhaled by man



There is a sound that vibrates
Through the earth, the atmosphere
The heavens
It started creation
Still present, now
Forever will be
Even when time has come
To leave
When I rest with this sound
It will take me
To the core of my heart
I have heard it
In the call of a buzzard
A crane, a goose
In the howling of a wolf
In the wind over the plains
The waves of the sea
In the echo in the mountains
The stillness of the woods
In the cry of a newborn baby
The buzz of a multitude of people
In the voice of a brahmin
Reciting prayers in an ancient language
In the ringing of temple bells
In the land of Krishna
This sound expresses
The boundlessness
Of ever vibrating consciousness
Wherever I am
I am home
With that sound
That vibrates through
The earth, the atmosphere
The heaven

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